Flying Tigers Museum

Coinciding with the Flying Tigers in the first air victory Kunming fight turns 71 , 20 Flying Tigers Memorial opened in Kunming and open free to the public notice, gold, unveiled to the value of more than 2000 pieces of precious cultural relics of war, such as gas masks.
Flying Tigers Museum

The " Flying Tigers, " officially known as the battalion of volunteers in the United States Air Force , also known as the Air Force United States Air Force volunteer assistance to China with its wings to fly the insignia of tiger and shape of the head of the shark 's nose known fighter. During the war , U.S. General Chennault led the " Flying Tigers " and Chinese soldiers and broke the Japanese army and made great contribution to the victory.

Kunming as HQ " flying tiger team " since the start of 2009 to build Memorial Hall, raised a total of more than 2,000 pieces and " Flying Tigers ," artifacts. Maps of Staff included the golden badge , war, such as gas masks, blood jumps distress nature, as well as reports of fighting, "Flying Tigers" recruit contract and other precious materials.

Flying Tigers hero
Flying Tigers Memorial is located in Kunming City Museum, divided into " Flying Tiger fame , " " tough fight ", " victory salute ", " the airline bump and Matt Horn ", " bright ", " flying tiger General Claire Lee Chennault " six large plates , thorough grooming and showing of the" Flying Tigers " during the legends.

" The" Flying Tigers "is the memory of the people of China and the town , is the testimony of the friendship between the two peoples, should allow future generations to remember the story of the fighting. " During the opening ceremony assisted by the granddaughter deny Kai ยท General Claire Lee Chennault David Brewer said , hoping Flying Tigers Memorial Bridge to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two countries more .
Flying Tigers Museum
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